Monday, July 21, 2014

July Obsessions: Throw Pillow Edition

Well... I am long overdue for a Current Obsessions post. My last one was back in March and I have to say I'm still obsessed with the T-Shirt Bra from Victoria's Secret. BUT. I have yet to buy the Go Be Lovely Candle from Anthropologie which I will be buying as soon as the Columbia Mall store opens. Yay!

This months obsessions are a definitely a sign I've been daydreaming about decorating my apartment for too many days now! Basically it's all about throw pillows. Throw pillows everywhere. I've made significant progress in buying pieces I love that are on sale and exactly what I want. I've also been doing some DIY projects to keep my budget in check.

  1. Fuzzy Pillow - Pier One $24.95Literally the fuzziest and softest pillow you will ever feel and it's under $30! There is pretty much no reason to pay more than $30 for a pillow. Ever.
  2. Diamond Ikat Pillow - Four Chairs Furniture $28.00
    I've been staring at this pillow (in magenta) for months now. There are several places that sell this pillow online, but I haven't found magenta at any other stores. I haven't bought it yet, but I'm sure I will justify purchasing it soon...
  3. Pic-A-Poppy Throw Pillow - Wayfair $19.82
    I bought the red oblong version of this pillow and I am in love with the bright, adorable pattern. I wanted some color in my living room and this was my solution. Not only is it a great pattern, but the oblong shape adds visual interest to the couch.
  4. Trellis Toss Pillows - Target $29.99
    The perfect pair of pillows for under $30 that will do the job of being neutral. I received a free brown sectional couch from a relative and these were my first purchase towards my first apartment. Love them and love the price.

Don't forget to check TJ Maxx, Marshalls, & HomeGoods!

Having an afternoon available means perusing the aisles of these great stores for ideas and great deals. I bought an amazing ivory shag rug from HomeGoods recently and yes I'm aware that red wine can come no where near my living room. These are my go to stores for cheaper pieces, but Bed, Bath, and Beyond is where it's at for all the essentials.

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